Vielle as first instrument.
This page discusses music that was

principally written for the Vielle.

The most famous pieces in this category are probably the 2
solo bass suites that appear in La Belle Vielleuse by Michel
Corrette, published in 1783.

I will add more details to this page in due course.

The principal works and composers that concern us are:

 Baton Ch.  4 Works. Oeuvre III
 Boismortier J  Opus 27, 6 suites of duets.
 Buterne Ch.
 Opus 2,  4 solo bass sonatas, 2 duos.
 Corrette M  La Belle Vielleuse
 Danguy  Scattered pieces in collections.
 Dupuits J-B  5 Works
 Michon  Divertissements and Amusements. 3rd divertissement free download.
 Naudot  Opus 2, 6 Suites 'Babioles'
 Ravet  2 Works.

Works = Opuses = Oeuvres